Wednesday, March 7, 2007



saddam hussein
was lynched
for his crimes,
for bush and
cheney’s sins

cowards need
cowards to die

he was never
tried for using
chemical weapons
given him by
britain and the u.s.

when he was our man
using them on iran

this occupation--random
detention, torture
now lynching,
america becoming
its own assassin—

just cracks the mullahs up

--Richard Wilhelm

1 comment:

Ruby de Boo said...

When the British wanted to assassinate Nazi war criminals w/out trial Eisenhower objected that it wasn't the example the US wanted to present for the world. And the trials were held.
Now "targeted assassination" is an openly accepted policy. Rendition, secret prisons, Guantanamo, the patriot act.
When will we have our Egypt moment?